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Redemption | Journey to Impossible Places Bk 3 by Ted Dekker

Redemption | Journey to Impossible Places Bk 3 by Ted Dekker

SKU: 9798986517353

Paperback - New

Children's - Age 9 -16

Book 3 of 3


Some say that entering alternate dimensions is the impossible stuff of children’s imaginations.

But what if you really could pass through a wardrobe and find Narnia? What if you really could enter a portal and find yourself in a totally different world? And what if you could go on a breath-taking adventure in that world that would save you from terrible trouble in this world?

Join Charlie, a most unlikely hero, as he journeys into a world called Lumina which is held in darkness without a sun. There he will be challenged to find three keys hidden away in three powerful strongholds. Without the keys, the world will be forever lost in darkness. Even worse, that darkness will enter this world and destroy all that is good.

In this allegory of the life we all live on Earth, readers of all ages will find themselves on every page, struggling to find acceptance and belonging in a world that demands they be and look a certain way to fit in.

Journey to Impossible Places is far more than just an exciting adventure. It’s a story about the choices we all make every day, following either the darkness that blinds us to who we really are, or the light that shows us how precious we have always been.


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