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The Art of Deception by Ridley Pearson

The Art of Deception by Ridley Pearson

SKU: 9780786867240

Hardcover - Used/Good

Fiction; Crime Fiction; Thriller; Suspens; Mystery


Seattle police psychologist Daphne Mathews has her hands full with apregnant, addicted, runaway teenager, a murder victim's brother whose strangebehavior unnerves her, and a deputy sheriff she once treated who's now stalkingher. She's frightened enough to move in with Detective John LaMoia, adevelopment that doesn't exactly thrill Lou Boldt, their boss and Daphne'sex-lover. But Lou's too busy with his own cases to brood over John and Daphne:the recent disappearances of two local women, and the death of Billy Chen, thenephew of Mama Lu, an old friend and a powerful figure in Seattle's Chinesecommunity, which appeared to be an accident but turns out to have been murder.The only thing the disappearances and murder have in common is location; allthree victims were last seen in a part of downtown built over the Underground, adark and dangerous warren of buildings abandoned after the fire that leveledSeattle more than a hundred years ago.

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